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Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

Hormone replacement therapy programs have long been recognized in treating symptoms relating to aging in women. Men can also benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Age related decreases in hormone levels and hormonal imbalances have been shown to have a causative effect in many chronic health problems in men and can increase the risk of and susceptibility to serious disease.

Millions of men suffer from andropause, often referred to as male menopause which is caused by a gradual decline in testosterone. Andropause in men is similar to Menopause in women, in that it is characterized by a decline in hormone levels. However, unlike women, whose symptoms may arise fairly suddenly and are quite noticeable, men experience hormonal decline very slowly, with no specific, noticeable symptoms. They just begin to notice that they feel less like themselves.

Signs of Andropause and Related Hormonal Issues

Feeling fatigued

Overall lack of energy

Trouble concentrating

Trouble remembering

Low sex drive

Irritable and angry


Marriage Problems

Sore, achy and stiff body

Restless sleep patterns

Loss of strength

Loss of stamina

Feeling old

Weight loss issues

Until very recently, andropause has been largely ignored or misdiagnosed because of vaguely reported symptoms and the general reluctance of men to acknowledge these types of problems and seek medical help. Indeed, many are unaware that there is help available, thinking that "it's just a part of getting older."

However, with the advent of new research, it has become much more widely recognized, with bioidentical hormone testosterone being recognized as a viable treatment modality.

Clinically Controlled Testosterone for Men

The cornerstone of bioidentical hormone therapy for males is the supplementation of the male hormone Testosterone. As men age, Testosterone levels decrease, resulting in a loss of drive, irritability, decreased muscle mass, decline in sexual function, and weight gain. When Testosterone levels are replaced and returned to more youthful levels, they feel more alert and assertive, notice an increased libido and find it much easier to replace fat with lean muscle.

It is also critical to monitor the levels of other vital hormones, including Melatonin, Pregnenelone and DHEA. When all of the hormones are returned to more youthful levels, men have found the results to be remarkable. Hormone replacement is far more effective than the “little blue pill” and can improve all aspects of your life.

The use of bioidentical hormones in testosterone supplementation has been studied since the sixties. Bioidentical hormones have proven to be safe, and are an effective way to combat many of the symptoms commonly associated with male aging.

Promoting Successful Aging.

At Best Hormone Replacement Clinic, our goal is to promote successful aging, maintaining health and functionality through safe, effective therapies designed to address the underlying mechanisms associated with age-related health problems.

Our physicians have extensive experience in both natural and conventional medicine, are board certified, and are in a unique position to offer an individualized approach customized to your specific physical and emotional needs, and assist patients in their health and fitness goals.

While aging is a part of life, effective health management including bio-identical hormone testosterone supplementation can help bring back your old (new) self.

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